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How To Ensure Visual Clarity While Driving

Being able to see and being seen clearly by other road users are essential for a safe driving experience.

You may experience inclement weather or bad driving conditions at any time of the year so it is important to properly maintain your car so that your visual clarity is not compromised at any time. 90% of a driver’s decisions while on the road depend on being able to see the road ahead clearly without any obstructions.

Here are some tips on how to ensure visual clarity while driving:

1) Take care of your windshield

This is a no brainer! Without a clean, clear windshield, you would be unable to view the road ahead of you.

Make sure to check your windshield wipers to ensure that they are working well. If they are worn or brittle, replace them immediately. You would not want to be caught driving in bad weather with bad wiper blades! Any streaking or smearing caused by worn wiper blades will give you bad visual clarity.

Also be sure to check the surface of your windshield for any small chips, cracks or dings. Any small damage to your windshield may not only be an inconvenience and affect visual clarity; more importantly, the damage to your windshield can compromise the safety net designed into your vehicle! Many car owners are not aware that the windshield is an integral part of their car’s Safety Restraint System (SRS) and helps to protect the structure of the vehicle during an accident.

If you notice any damage to your windshield, however small, get it repaired immediately! This prevents the damage from spreading. Here at NOVUS, we try to repair windshields as much as possible, if the severity of the damage permits it. Repair not only saves the windshield, it also preserves the original factory placement of windshield to the body of the vehicle. Keeping the factory’s original adhesive also helps avoid air and water leaks.

2) Ensure your headlights are performing well

Dirty or broken headlights can significantly reduce your visibility when driving, particularly when driving at night or during bad weather. Check your headlights to make sure they work on both high and low beam and are properly aimed.

Your headlights not only help you see, they also help other drivers see you. The beam from your headlights helps define your car’s position on the road and its distance from other drivers.

3) Keep your rear view clear

While the view in front of you is important, it is equally important to have a clear view of the road behind you. Don’t over-pack your rear window! Be sure to store any items, groceries or luggage in the truck of the car or on the floor or seats instead of obstructing your rear window. Although side mirrors help, they are a poor substitute for a clear view out the back window.

4) Ensure that your vehicle lights and signals are working

Your vehicle lights and signals ensure that other road users can clearly see your presence on the road. Get into the habit of checking all your vehicle lights and turn signals so that you can communicate clearly with other road users. When driving, make sure that other drivers are aware of your intentions and try to give plenty of notice before making directional changes.

5) Get your eyes checked regularly

It is crucial for a driver to have good vision, as the eyes control your movements and affect your decision-making while driving. A vision defect will adversely affect your driving performance. So while it is key to ensure your vehicle is well maintained, you should also get your eyes checked regularly to ensure your vision is sufficient for good driving.

If you need vision correction, be sure to always wear any prescribed glasses or contacts when driving. A good pair of sunglasses can help keep the glare away when the sun is out.


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