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    Why You Should Be Aware Of Auto Glass Mold

    Have you ever heard of auto glass mold? Although this isn’t a common problem among vehicles, it is still an important issue that shouldn't be ignored. Mold found on your car windows and windshield can easily destroy the glass itself. Here’s what you need to know about auto glass mold, what could cause it, and
  • To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

    That is indeed the question. According to the US National Windshield Repair Association many types of stone damage can be successfully repaired and ultimately depends upon four factors; the size, depth, type and location of the damage. Size and Depth New technologies are making it possible to repair wider chips and longer cracks than what
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    Spotting Different Types Of Windshield Cracks

    There are many different types of windshield cracks, but they most often occur from an object impacting the glass. These can be anything from rocks falling from dump trucks to rough objects kicked up by the tires of overtaking vehicles. This damage comes directly from objects striking the windshield but there are also other types
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    Help Educate Your Teenage Drivers About Auto Glass

    The day your teenager passes their driving test, is a day to be proud, but perhaps also just a little nervous. It’s time for them to get out on the road by themselves and quite often that means, handing over your spare car keys and getting used to sharing. This can be a big step,
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    Cost Effective Ways to Care For Your Auto Glass This Holiday Season

    Winter is officially here and it’s by far the harshest season on your auto glass. With snow, hail and wind soon to contend with on a regular basis, it’s an important time of year to do some simple checks. Follow these easy steps to keep your vision clear through the colder months. Deep Clean your
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    6 Tips To Prevent Windshield Damage

    Unfortunately, it’s not a rare thing to find your windshield with a chip or a crack in it that you’re sure wasn’t there the day before. Sometimes we’re aware of when these things happen and other times we didn’t even stand a chance. Suddenly you notice the damage and go in for a closer inspection.
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    5 Reasons To Consider Windshield Repair

    Many people assume that if their windshield has a crack or a chip in it, then a whole new replacement windshield will be needed, which could potentially be expensive and is, therefore, an issue often avoided for as long as possible. However what a lot of people don’t realize is that in most cases, a
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    4 Ways To Help Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

    That gut wrenching feeling that comes with walking up to your car, only to realize that all the windows have been smashed, leaving behind shards of shattered glass both inside and outside your vehicle, your belongings have been stolen and your car is left looking more than a little worse for wear. The worst of
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    Check Your Windshield Before Embarking On Holiday Travel

    Though you may not realize it, the windshield of your vehicle is a crucial feature of your car. Together with other elements such as seat belts and air bags, your windshield is one of the important safety features of your car. Before embarking on holiday travels, be sure to check your windshield! Typically, we think
  • 5 Tips on How To Maintain Your Car

    Every car has own its maintenance schedule. Typically, information on how often your car should undergo maintenance service is indicated in the owner’s manual or a maintenance schedule that comes with the car. While following your car’s maintenance schedule is a great way to ensure your car is in proper condition, there are some things


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