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The NOVUS principle of “Repair First, Replace When Necessary”® applies to headlights as well.

If your vehicle uses polycarbonate plastic headlamps, they can become cloudy and discolored due to oxidation caused by U.V. light. The cloudiness and discoloration reduces light output and affects your visual clarity when driving at night or in inclement weather. Instead of replacing your headlamps, which can cost as much as $300, we at NOVUS can restore your headlamps to a “like-new” condition at a lower cost!

For vehicles with glass headlamps, any damage to the glass can cause moisture to penetrate. This can mist the reflector, which not only reduces light output but can also alter the light beam and cause glare to other road users. To repair damage to glass headlamps, we apply a headlight skin which helps to seal the headlight and also protects again further damage. Headlight skins can be applied to vehicles of all sizes.

Regardless of which type of headlights your vehicle has, our technicians at NOVUS are well-trained and ready to tackle your problems. With great results at a competitive rate, we are the workshop of choice in Kirkland for restoring your headlights. For more information, please visit our workshop or call us at 425-406-1222.

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