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Glass professionals have used the SRP Glass Scratch Removal System since 1984. Designed to restore the surfaces of scratched and damaged automotive, home, and architectural glass, SRP is a safe and proven alternative to glass replacement.

The SRP Glass Scratch Removal System has numerous uses. SRP can be your solution to removing scratches from your windshield or restoring a glass door that is marred by scratches during installation.

The best part of using the SRP system is that it is self-contained; the process of using it is clean and does not require using messy polishing compounds like other systems.

As always, our main focus is providing you with great results. Rest assured that the scratch removal process will not weaken the glass! As a scratch is actually a weak point in the glass, removing the scratch will relieve any stress on the glass. In fact, by using the SRP Glass Scratch Removal System, we can restore the structural integrity of the glass to nearly what it was before the damage occurred!

At NOVUS, we have seen and attended to many kinds of scratches in our years of servicing all models of vehicles. Our team of dedicated technicians is on hand to advise you on your scratch removal needs.

With great results at a competitive rate, we are the workshop of choice in Kirkland for scratch removal. For more information, please visit our workshop or call us at 425-406-1222.

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