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As one of the safety features of your vehicle, your windshield has an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of your car. A damaged windshield can lead to disastrous consequences if it is not immediately repaired. Here at NOVUS, our team of dedicated and well-trained technicians is equipped to meet your windshield repair needs.

With a history dating back to 1972, we are one of the country’s best when it comes to windshield repair. Our NOVUS Windshield Repair System pioneered the industry and we haven’t looked back since. Our repair system has been further refined and improved upon over the years, evidenced by our current system called “Millennium” which is our fifth generation system.

While the technology has advanced, our guiding principle has remained the same: we are committed to provide our customers with the best quality windshield repair in the world. We are proud to be known as the “Repair First, Replace When Necessary”® company. Our windshield repairs are backed by a written warranty that states a NOVUS windshield repair will restore strength and clarity to the glass; will halt the further spread of damage; and, will pass vehicle inspection in all states for as long as the customer owns their vehicle, or, NOVUS will refund the cost of the repair.

Our windshield repair service will restore 75% – 95% of the optical clarity of the damaged area. More importantly, a NOVUS windshield repair will restore its structural integrity back to nearly what it was before the damage occurred! NOVUS has performed over 20 million high quality windshield repairs with a customer satisfaction index exceeding 99%.

We pride ourselves on providing quick and efficient windshield repair service, with the safety of our customers as our top priority.

Can’t find time to get your car to our workshop? Don’t worry, let us come to you! For your convenience, we provide a mobile windshield repair service. Simply make an appointment with us, and our technician will come to your location to make the necessary repairs!

With great results at a competitive rate, we are the workshop of choice in Kirkland for windshield repair. For more information, please visit our workshop or call us at 425-406-1222.

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