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Help Educate Your Teenage Drivers About Auto Glass

The day your teenager passes their driving test, is a day to be proud, but perhaps also just a little nervous. It’s time for them to get out on the road by themselves and quite often that means, handing over your spare car keys and getting used to sharing. This can be a big step, but your teenage driver has put in a lot of hard work to reach this point and now they deserve your trust.

Educate your teenage driver about auto glass, how to take care of it and what they can do to help prevent a windshield repair or replacement. Here we have outlined a few ways in which to educate your teenager in this way.

How To Refill The Windshield Washer Fluid

One of the first lessons to help your teenage driver learn the importance of general maintenance in order to help prevent future possible damage to your auto glass is how to check and refill your car’s windshield washer fluid.

Begin by taking them to the store to purchase the correct type of windshield washer fluid. Show them what washer fluid should look like by searching for a bottle that contains blue water in the auto aisle of most retail stores.

Once back at your car, show your teenager how to lift the hood of your car and find the washer fluid tank. Often this tank will have a blue cap but will always either show a relevant image or have simple text stating what it is. Allow your teenager to lift off the correct cap and pour the windshield washer fluid in. Let them know that it is fine to fill the fluid to the top of the tank, but taking caution not to overfill and spill the fluid. Check the cap is put securely back on and you’re finished.

Make sure your teenage driver is aware that they should check the windshield washer fluid every month, adding more fluid when they find that the blue water has decreased.

How To Check The Windshield Wipers

Make sure your teenage driver knows that if there is a big build up of dirt on your windshield, your windshield wipers will not work properly and will only end up scratching the surface of the windshield glass, causing you problems. Windshield wipers should only be used for cleaning when there is a hazy residue or perhaps a tiny smudge on the glass.

Not only this, but windshield wipers have a relatively short lifespan of about 6 months and need to be regularly checked for any cracks or frays in the rubber. Advise your teenager that if any damage like this can be seen on the wipers, it is time to change them, otherwise you run the risk of scratching the windshield and needing an auto glass repair.

How To Wash The Windshield and Windows

Showing your teenage driver how to wash your car windows and windshield the correct way can save you a lot of hassle later on. Invest in microfiber cloths which are affordable and easy to find in stores. Explain how microfiber cloths are made to use on glass, as they are soft unlike most other sponges which will be likely to scratch the glass. Make sure to show your teenager the better quality windshield cleaners, most of which are also very affordable. From there, it is as simple as spraying the cleaner onto your windshield and windows and then wiping the glass down with a dry microfiber cloth.

Following these important lessons, you can be confident that your teenage driver will be safer on the road and competent in the prevention of a windshield replacement.


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